Full house next week: 29th July – 4th August

Hallo everyone

This is a note about the situation next week at Makvärket 29. July – 4. August. The point is, that we are going to be full of people and hit the limit of how many the facilities can allow us to be here.

This means that if you have not already signed up for the “Sharing Gender & Construction – Week”, we kindly ask people to choose another time to come and visit.

In the week of sharing gender and construction, we aim to focus on gender issues in the field of construction and in general in life. We will do this with a great mix between theories, talking and discussing, with building workshops and plays through out the week.

In the beginning of July, already around 80 people had signed up for participating. We think that this is the maximum of people that can be here at the same time, to be able to create a nice, intense, learning, sharing and fun atmosphere together.

Were are so very exited about doing this week, and we already got a lot of positive response, so hopefully there will be something like it in near future. We hope people will respect our decision to not welcoming more people in for this week.

Hopefully see you another time

The planning group


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