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– a culture and environment collective in Knabstrup, Denmark

Makvärket News – stay tuned

We just published our very second newsletter. We are hoping from now on to release a newsletter every 3rd month, to keep you all informed about what is going on at the old beloved factory. In this newsletter we will share info on upcoming activities at the factory, and give an overview on what has been happening the last while. You can find the newsletter in Danish and English at: makvaerket – newsletter


Double concert: Benjamin Whitehill + Dicht, May 8!

Where: At Makvärket!

When: Come around 8 o’clock!

Money: Donation!

Benjamin Whitehill – guitar solo

Benjamin Whitehill is a Berlin based musician and guitar player working largely with extended technique in improvisational contexts. Although generally abstract in its nature, his playing is rooted in the finger-style folk of guitarists such as Bert Jansch (the folk music of the British isles – as well a musical continuum that can be traced through its various revivals – being a general influence on his work). Following from this background, he mostly plays amplified acoustic guitar; with a technique focussed on the use of feedback as a creative device and an exploration of open strings, as well as that of the instruments natural resonances and textural / percussive potential. He plays solo and in various spontaneous and established ensembles, including Scree Fucking Junk, an electro-acoustic doom-drone / spoken word duo with Isaac Ray. His solo output is centred around minimalism, noise, drone and lo-fi aesthetics. He releases music on his own Difficult Folk imprint.

Dicht – trio piano/guitar/trumpet (FR)

Around a versatile instrumentation, the trio frantically combines: the strange super-timbre improvises organic percussion / reaction games, between dense maximalist textures and minimalist compact sound.